Sick and Tired of Colour Variation in Your Chemical Products

Colour variation in a cleaning product could be a disaster for your image

There is a way to fix the colour variation in chemical products easily so that your end customers see consistency – an important part of your brand image.

Understanding a little about how product colour is achieved will help you get a better outcome whether you manufacture yourself or you use a Toll Manufacturer.

The colour of a chemical product is achieved using a few components like the colour of the ingredients, dye stuffs which add additional colour and opacifying agents which give a pearlised or matt background to the look of the product.

Addition complication exists as colour can change with storage temperature, time, pH and formula chemistry can cause dyes to transform and change their colour.

With all of this complex chemistry going on, how can you give your customers a consistent colour of product every time?

A useful tool to achieve consistent colour is the PMS System of standard colours which define a colour in terms of its PMS Number.
By defining the PMS number of the product, you have locked in a consistent colour outcome. pms_book

Your Toll Manufacturer will make your product with a colour match to the PMS Swatch and you will have a tool for resolving concerns about product colour should the product you receive not match the colour swatch.

By using a colour standard in your material specification, regardless of what is happening inside the product you are in control because you have a standard to judge the end result.

Work with your manufacturer or chemist to develop a colour specification for your product and this will be one less variation in your product going forward.

Contact me if you need any further detail or if you need assistance with the development of a product specification for your product.

Jon Sprinkhuizen, Owner and Chemist, Solo Pak Pty Ltd. 0416190457